Sin & Sweatpants

No, sweatpants aren't sinful. They're amazing. However, they do have one major flaw that I always realize about this time of year.

You see, during the downtime of the holidays I try and spend as much time as I can relaxing in my comfy lounging pants. Lay around, eat, watch some football, snack, nap, eat, repeat.

However, when the downtime is over and it's time to get dressed my belt reminds me that I've been wearing elastic. My comfy pants stretch gradually and I'm none the wiser. However, my belt gives a more accurate picture of where I was and that something drastic has happened.

I feel like that is how sin intrudes in our lives. It's not always a massive step or cliff to fall off, but a slow gradual slippery slope. We don't realize how far we've gone until its to late.

This is when accountability comes into play. People who we trust to tell us when we're out of line can play the role of a belt, lovingly instructing us that it's time to change some nasty habits.

So my question is this, do you have a belt? Have you checked to see if it still fits? Has sin gradually crept in and deceived you?