Cause for Celebration!

After a brief hiatus from the blogging world, it's nice to be back!

More ice cream, please!

More ice cream, please!

Austin turned 18 months today, and it was fun to celebrate with her and eat ice cream and reminisce with Joe about what a wonderful time we've had raising her so far.

Playing with bubbles is her favorite way to celebrate anything!

Playing with bubbles is her favorite way to celebrate anything!

What follows is a sappy poem, but my daughter is growing up far more quickly than expected and I need an outlet, so give this pregnant momma a break :)


On Your Turning 18 Months

We went for ice cream, just the two of us.

Vanilla, but with plenty of strawberries

because they’re your favorite

and chocolate because it’s mine.


In the evening, after dinner, we read two stories.

You held your blanket tightly and asked

for more books.

I said, “no baby, it’s time for bed.”


When I put you down, you cried

inconsolable tears.

Of frustration, maybe, or worry.


Eventually, your father came in.

He picked you up and rocked you

back to sleep.

But when he laid you down

you screamed for us.


We took turns soothing you;

it was on my turn

that you finally fell asleep.


First, your hand was wrapped

around my index finger.

But, slowly, you loosened your grip

as you entered into a peaceful slumber.


Sitting on the floor next to you,

listening to the steady rhythm of your breath,

I leaned my head against your crib

and sobbed silent tears. For what,

I can’t quite say.

For joy and gratitude

and a very sharp sense of all the moments

passing by.


So tonight I’ll say just one more prayer

and listen to you breathing for just a few more moments

before I go to bed myself

and enter into my own peaceful slumber.