Cheers to Six Years

Joe and I are celebrating six years of marriage today! Six years ago, we got married on the 4th of July and celebrated with our friends and family.

It was an incredible day, and whenever I think of it I can’t help but smile.

Since our wedding day, Joe and I have had quite an adventure. He changed jobs and I started graduate school. After I graduated from Clemson, we moved to Columbia where Joe attended seminary and I worked at Columbia International University.

Last winter, Joe graduated,

we travelled to Japan,

my job at CIU came to an end, and Joe enrolled in Fire Recruit School.

Now, Joe is a full-fledged firefighter (nice alliteration, right?!) and our baby is due in three short months!

There are so many moments left out of this story: the fun trips we took,

the wonderful friends we made, 

the puppy we got (who is now a giant dog!),

the hobbies we adopted,

the crazy things we did,

the times we learned what it meant to be there for each other, the people who loved us in incredible ways, the difficult parts of each transition, the ways God continually provided for us, and so much more.

Joe and I are blessed beyond words. We are healthy, we have friends and family—a community—who love us dearly and help us succeed. We have a loving heavenly Father who teaches us, in joy and in sorrow, what truly matters in this life. And we have a marriage that is six years stronger, six years wiser, six years funnier, and six years full of memories we’ll always treasure.

Thank you for our great adventure, Joe. I wouldn't want life any other way. 

I love you!