Pregnancy Haikus

I’m officially 30 weeks along! To celebrate, I thought I’d share some of my pregnancy-inspired haikus.


(Road trips with a full bladder)

Joe, I’m so sorry,

but I need a pee break now!



(Advice from strangers)

Well thank you so much

for your opinion on that.

What’s your name again?


(Achieving a balanced diet)

I’ll eat a salad.

Then maybe some grilled chicken,

and a huge milkshake.


(Being pregnant in Columbia in the summer)

Oh geez. I can’t breathe!

Yep, it’s so hot I’m certain

the baby’s sweating.


(Getting off the couch)

I have stuff to do,

better get up…

I’ll just stay right here.


(Going to bed)

I know it’s early;

the sun’s still up, but I've been

tired since lunchtime.



Before: this might suck.

After: I’m glad I did that!

After-er: FEED ME!


(Pregnancy dreams)

Last night I dreamt that

turtles were stealing my car

and shouting, “YOLO!”


(Preparing the nursery)

Joe, the paint looks great!

Will you start to decorate?

I’ll just take a nap.


(Putting on shoes)

Maybe if I just

bend my knee, then...FORGET IT!

I’m going barefoot.


(Our general concensus)

We get a baby!

All ours, a sweet baby girl.

Come on, October!