Pregnancy, Violet Beauregarde, and Life At A Snail's Pace

I’m 26 weeks along in my pregnancy, and I must say I’m enjoying the second trimester much more than the first! So I thought I would write another installment of “Extremely Informative and Incredibly Subjective Views on Pregnancy” dedicated to weeks 14-26.

The most noticeable change in my pregnancy has certainly been my growing belly.

                          (12 weeks)                                                                   (25 weeks)

It’s strange to feel yourself constantly getting larger. In my mind, I liken it to the scene in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory where Violet Beauregarde chews the gum and balloons up, turning into a giant blueberry. Luckily for Joe, I haven’t needed anyone to roll me around the house—yet!

I am having a harder time tying my shoes, shifting sleeping positions, and essentially getting off my bum once I’ve been sitting on it for more than three seconds. On multiple occasions, I’ve prepared something in the kitchen or set out a specific book on the counter only to realize once I’ve sat down that I forgot to grab it. I tend to decide that sitting is a better option than getting up to retrieve whatever it was I wanted. Eventually someone will walk in and I can get him/her to hand it to me anyway, so why waste the energy?

It has been fun, since my belly has morphed into an undeniable baby bump, to celebrate with friends and family. I can’t express how wonderful it feels to be surrounded by people who love me and Joe and our little one!

I’ve even enjoyed talking to random people who ask when I’m due and share with me about their pregnancies (or their wife’s, sister’s, mother’s, friend’s from next door…), and I’ve gotten a lot of good advice! It gets a little weird when strangers attempt to name my child or give me their thoughts on how to avoid gaining too much pregnancy weight, but luckily I have a knack for listening to opinions and filtering them out as either “good advice” or “potentially good advice for someone else.” There is a third category, but the title varies and is seldom polite, so I’ll just leave that up to your imagination.

I have also noticed a change of pace in my life. Suddenly I find myself altering a lot of what I’m used to doing, not consciously, but naturally and out of necessity. My running has turned into jogging or walking. My CrossFit workouts are constantly modified and scaled. What I do at work and around the house is not just slower, but more thought-out and methodical. Even my dog has learned that walks these days are slower and longer, and often involve a bathroom break!

It’s actually been quite nice to slow down and pay attention to more of my surroundings. I’ve enjoyed taking the time to go for a leisurely swim or appreciate patches of shade along the driveway. I know my tendency is to do as much as I can as fast as I can. But more and more I find myself wondering what that says about my identity, and what would ultimately change in me emotionally and spiritually if I made it a point to take my time and enjoy the little things in life.

But these are just thoughts, and I’m grateful for them.

I am absolutely ecstatic about meeting my sweet baby girl, and I hope that this process of being pregnant helps prepare me for her arrival. I hope it makes me a better wife and mom, a better follower of Christ.

So far this has been an incredible experience, and I am excited to see what comes next!