Two Months and Counting

Our little girl is officially two months old today!

Most immediately, this means a series of helpful--but rather unfortunate--shots, probably to be followed instantly by big, fat, crocodile tears. And there’s no telling how Austin will react…

Other than a doctor’s visit, the two-month anniversary of Austin’s birth brings with it the chance for me and Joe to reflect on how our lives have changed, how our daughter has grown, and how we need to organize the hundreds of photos we already have of our child making her “stank” face.

Austin is a precious baby. And I don’t just mean she looks precious, though she does. I mean she’s sweet and kind. She is patient when I have no idea what I’m doing. She doesn’t scream and cry when I take too long changing her diaper. She is calm and loving, and I can already tell she has a fantastic sense of humor.

It seems as though, with each new day, our daughter grows up a tiny bit more. She keeps her eyes open longer. She smiles when she hears Joe’s voice. She swats at the toys hanging from her play mat. She really seems to listen, to take everything in, to learn more about the people and things surrounding her.

I’m fairly certain she has already started plotting how to grab Haddie’s tail.

Everyone we spoke to was right: babies do grow up fast! Joe and I are currently living in denial, pretending this stage will last forever. We know it will be an incredible thing to watch Austin grow up. But right now, all we want to do is watch her smile and hear her coo and hold her while she sleeps. 

Being a parent is a beautiful thing! I cannot thank the Lord enough for my daughter.