On Carolina vs. Clemson

Tis the season - Rivalry week.


I'll be honest, I'm a diehard Carolina fan but I've been working on something all season that I think is pretty important.

It's an awesome thing to cheer on your team, it's another thing to cheer against the competition.

When my Gamecocks are playing - I'm their biggest supporter. I'm cheering for all those fellas to have a great game and play their hearts out.

Here's the kicker though - rooting for your team to win often means rooting against the other team. During the first week of the season I felt a strong conviction to knock that off as myself and most of the posts on twitter and Facebook I saw were rooting for their opponents to lose.

Think about it - we're wishing for an 18-22 year old young man, who has worked so hard to get where he is - to fail in his moment of opportunity. And for what? So that it benefits me and my bragging rights. That's nasty. When I realized what I was doing it literally made me feel sick to my stomach.

Granted, Carolina and Clemson play today and if you're from the state of South Carolina you know it's almost the kind of tension that started the Hatfield and McCoy rivalry. This game will test my heart if I'm actually practicing what I'm preaching, but my hope for tonights game is that both sides play their hearts out, we're treated to a good game, and ultimately that God is glorified through their actions, and most importantly our attitudes.