Be wholly there

Full Disclosure: This is a challenge for myself as I am terrible at this.

My phone crashed two weeks ago so I've been in what seems to be another world. It's a world where everything is less distracting. I'm aware of more. I'm listening more. Aside from the important things like not being available if other people need me, and the uncertainty of not being able to get in touch with people if I need them - not having a phone has been wonderful. Which is why when I saw this picture this morning I thought it was brilliant. 


If I'm distracted by my phone and it's just me, that's relatively harmless. However, if I'm distracted by my phone and I'm at dinner with my bride, friends, or family - it actually seems offensive.

We're too connected. We're too reliant on everything happening we're missing out on what is happening right in front of us. I'm realizing as I get more busy and the less free time I have with people, the more I just want to slow down and spend some quality time with people. However, when we do sit down, we don't allow ourselves to be completely or wholly there, rather distracted by something else.

Working phone or not, I'm going to try this soon. I want to be held accountable to the person (or group) saying "I'm completely here, invested in you and our fellowship, or this meal is on me."